Leslie Lemke – Concert for Mom

Wikipedia: Leslie Lemke (born January 31, 1952) is a blind American autistic savant who is most notable for his work as a musician.

Leslie Lemke was born prematurely in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1952. At birth, he was diagnosed with glaucoma, cerebral palsy, and brain damage. Doctors were forced to remove his eyes. His birth mother gave him up for adoption, and May Lemke, a nurse, adopted him when he was six months old. To feed him, May had to push food down his throat. It was a year before Leslie could chew food on his own. It took seven years of constant care before Leslie showed any progress. During this time, he made no sounds or movements and showed no emotions. He was 12 before he first learned to stand, and he was 15 before he learned to walk.

When he was 16, May found Leslie playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto no. 1 during the middle of the night. He had recently heard the piece on television. Leslie was soon playing all styles of music, from ragtime to classical.

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Liquid Sky (1982)

The Fashion Show

Me and My Rhythmbox


The complete film with Spanish subtitles in an unauthorized form.

Official site of the film.

Wikipedia: “Liquid Sky is an independent American science fiction film. The film is seen as heavily influencing a club scene that emerged in the early 2000s [twenty years later! - Trevor] in Brooklyn, Berlin and London. An avant garde fashion show is to be held in a new wave nightclub in Manhattan. Among the models are bisexual Margaret (Anne Carlisle) and Jimmy (also played by Carlisle). Jimmy is Margaret’s rival and nemesis. He is apparently a drug addict, constantly hassling Margaret’s heroin-dealer girlfriend Adrian (Paula E. Sheppard) for drugs despite not having any money to pay for them. An alien spacecraft—about the size of a dinner plate—lands on the rooftop of the penthouse apartment occupied by Margaret and Adrian. Before the show, Jimmy suggests to Margaret that they both go to her place, but once there he only cares about finding Adrian’s stash of heroin (known in New York in the 70’s and 80’s as slang term liquid sky). We learn that Margaret’s apartment is being watched by a tiny, shapeless alien from inside the UFO.”

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Apache – The Shadows

Back when being “cool” was cool.

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Dyko – Autobahn

With Wolfgang Flür.

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3 Guys and a Tractor

Humans – inventing weirdness since 100,000BC

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