Mark Mothersbaugh – Thinking Cap

“Journey into the alchemical mind of Mark Mothersbaugh — cofounder of Devo, pioneer of flagrant weirdness, maker of children’s music and collector of superannuated musical fire hazards — with the latest installation of our Thinking Cap series. As our artist-in-residence at Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Mr. Mothersbaugh put on a few shows we invited him to do, and a handful of ones we didn’t.”

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FKA Twigs – How’s That

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Julien Neel – In einem kühlen Grunde

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Foxdye – Foxdye’s Big Ass Rave Rental And Drug Storage

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Cab Calloway – Zaz Zuh Zaz

The Zazous were a subculture in France during World War II. They were young people expressing their individuality by wearing big or garish clothing (similar to the zoot suit fashion in America a few years before) and dancing wildly to swing jazz and bebop. Men wore large striped lumber jackets, while women wore short skirts, striped stockings and heavy shoes, and often carried umbrellas.

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