Mr. No Kiss-Kiss, Bang-Bang

Patrick McGoohan recalls his role as Jimmy Bond in the first installment of the “007″ film series.

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Nash the Slash – Swing Shift Live

Live at the Oshawa Civic Auditorium. 9 November 1984. Nash opened for Kim Mitchell, shown intercut with Nash’s performance. Music video version here. 12″ version here. 7″ version here. Flexidisc version here. Live in 2007, 2008. Remix by DJ Face Banned, cover by Aplastados. Nash the Slash has performed in disguise since 1979. More at Wikipedia.


Rolling Stone journalist Lester Bangs once reported, “Nash the Slash is the kind of opening act that makes the headliner work twice as hard.” I created one of the first Canadian independent record labels (Cut-Throat Records) in order to release my music and merchandise to the public. I was the first Canadian musician to use a drum machine on an album (1978), at a time when drum machines were outlawed according to the bylaws of the Toronto Musicians’ Association. I was the first to record an album, ‘Decomposing’, which was listen-able at any speed, and miraculously reviewed in Playboy magazine. [...] I traveled across Canada, the US and Europe, and especially adored Newfoundland. I supported Gary Numan and Iggy Pop tours, and was invited to perform in Russia.

NtS also appears as a character in several comic books by Matt Howarth, such as The Simultaneous Man, Hazardous Waste and others.

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Benny Hinn – I’m Gonna Knock You Out

Learn hypnosis, be the life of the party!

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Herby Hancock – Rockit

Robots taken beyond the gee wiz phase into a nightmare esthetic back in the 1970′s.  Definitive is the goal

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Marcus Alqueres – The Flying Man

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