The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World

Playwrights Horizons:

THE SHAGGS: PHILOSOPHY OF THE WORLD. May-June 2011. Mainstage Theater. The New York Premiere of a new musical. Book by Joy Gregory. Music by Gunnar Madsen. Lyrics by Joy Gregory and Gunnar Madsen. Story by Joy Gregory, Gunnar Madsen, and John Langs. Directed by John Langs. “Music has its moment. And usually you don’t know it until it’s over ” They defined cult status — and were gone in the blink of an eye. Fremont, NH, the early ’70s. A working class dad has a vision of rock n’ roll destiny for his three talentless daughters, convinced they’re his family’s one-way ticket out of poverty and obscurity. But the girls have ideas of their own — and as their father’s ambition turns to obsession, the price of familial obligation becomes all too clear. Based on a true story. Co-produced with New York Theatre Workshop.

Wikipedia: The Shaggs

The Shaggs were an American all-female rock group formed in Fremont, New Hampshire in 1968. The band was composed of sisters Dorothy “Dot” Wiggin (vocals/lead guitar), Betty Wiggin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Helen Wiggin (drums), and later Rachel Wiggin (bass). The Shaggs were formed by Dot, Betty, and Helen in 1968 on the insistence of their father, Austin Wiggin, who believed that his mother foresaw the band’s rise to stardom. The band’s only studio album, Philosophy of the World, was released in 1969. The album failed to garner attention, though the band continued to exist as a locally popular live act. The Shaggs disbanded in 1975 after the death of Austin. The band is primarily notable today for their perceived ineptitude at playing conventional rock music; the band was described in one Rolling Stone article as “…sounding like lobotomized Trapp Family singers.” As the obscure LP achieved recognition among collectors, the band was praised for their raw, intuitive composition style and lyrical honesty. Philosophy of the World was lauded as a work of art brut, and was later reissued, followed by a compilation album, Shaggs’ Own Thing, in 1982. The Shaggs are now seen as a groundbreaking outsider music group, receiving praise from mainstream artists such as Kurt Cobain and also from Frank Zappa after he called the Shaggs “better than the Beatles.”

1. “Philosophy of the World” – 2:56
2. “That Little Sports Car” – 2:06
3. “Who Are Parents?” – 2:58
4. “My Pal Foot Foot” – 2:31
5. “My Companion” – 2:04
6. “I’m So Happy When You’re Near” – 2:12
7. “Things I Wonder” – 2:12
8. “Sweet Thing” – 2:57
9. “It’s Halloween” – 2:22
10. “Why Do I Feel?” – 3:57
11. “What Should I Do?” – 2:18
12. “We Have a Savior” – 3:06

The Shaggs: Gimmie Dat Thing (live)

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2 Responses to The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World

  1. mikebelgrave says:

    I would love to see it but can’t make it to the states. I don’t suppose you sell a recorded version of the show or are planning on bringing it to the UK?

    • Trevor Blake says:

      We intonarumorons merely report the miracle of a Shaggs play. We approve but can provide nothing more.

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