Damian Cowell and Pinky Beecroft Interview Each Other

The DC3: Damian Cowell and Pinky Beecroft Interview Each Other

Warp Magazine asked the DC3’s Damian Cowell and Pinky Beecroft to interview each other for the September issue of their magazine to promote The DC3′s upcoming shows with Pinky at: The Corner (Sep 10 in Melb), Republic Bar (Sep 17 in Hobart) and The Sando (Nov 5 in Sydney). Naturally the two of them got a bit carried away and ended up significantly over the word limit. So, here we have the extended interview. You can see the edited version in the upcoming edition of Warp in Tasmania.

PB: […] How come you never write about your own life? How come none of your songs are from a particularly personal point of view, about shit that happens in the life of Cowell? Even a song like I Was The Guy In TISM — you said yourself, it sheds no light on anything to do with you or TISM. And I get that TISM wasn’t that kind of band. But you’re in a new band, now. I think it’s weird that you don’t seem to get depressed and write a song about it. How do you resist that urge?

DC: I’ll tell you how. Because it’s my duty. The fuckin’ shopping trolley’s full and has been pretty much full since Shakespeare wrote some sonnets to his toyboy a million years ago, and yet every miserable fuck with a guitar and a beard who’s ponced in since then thinks they have a right – like bloggers, don’t get me started there – to just squash ever yet more ‘confessional’ claptrap into the collective consciousness, and even though that’s clearly what everyone seems to want, and what gets slavish, drool-stained reviews and people writing bible-length treatises on the greatness of fuckin’ Arcade Fire-retardent, or Sleeper Pitcher Catcher, or whoever is doling out this week’s rote lesson in ‘emotional paint-stripping’, even though it’s career suicide for me to not join the jolly great fuckin’ ubiquitous Mickey Mouse Club of sleeve-heart posturers – I will resist. Cos someone’s gotta.

Mind you – there is some confessional stuff on Vs. Art. I’m such a liar.

Read the entire interview, my intonarumoroniacs.

The DC3 – The Future Sound of Nostalgia.
The DC3 – I Hate Football.
Damian Cowell – My Shitness Terrifies Me. But it Could Be Worse.
The DC3 – I Was the Guy in Tism.
Tism – Greg! The Stop Sign!
Tism – I Go Off.
Root – My Other Bumper Sticker is Intelligent.

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