Spiral Tribe – Micropoint

Noize! With a video that can trigger flashbacks.

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One Response to Spiral Tribe – Micropoint

  1. Trevor Blake says:

    Wikipedia, Spiral Tribe: From 1990 until 1992, Spiral Tribe were responsible for numerous parties, raves and festivals in indoor and outdoor locations. These mainly occurred in the south of England. The largest and most famous party the group organised was the Castlemorton Common Festival free party in May 1992. Thirteen members of the group were arrested immediately after the Castlemorton event and were subsequently charged with public order offenses. Their trial became one of the longest running and most expensive cases in British legal history, lasting four months and costing the UK £4 million. Regarding Castlemorton, Nigel South states that “the adverse publicity attending the event laid the groundwork for the Criminal Justice Act 1994”.

    Wikipedia, Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994: The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (c.33) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It introduced a number of changes to the existing law, most notably in the restriction and reduction of existing rights and in greater penalties for certain “anti-social” behaviours. Changes which received great public attention included: Sections 34-39, which substantially changed the right to silence of an accused person, allowing for inferences to be drawn from their silence; Sections 54-59, which gave the police greater rights to take and retain intimate body samples; Section 60, which increased police powers of unsupervised “stop and search”; Section 80, which repealed the duty imposed on councils by the Caravan Sites Act 1968 to provide sites for gypsy and traveller use. Grant aid for the provision of sites was also withdrawn.

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