Severed Heads – Come Visit the Big Bigot

First love. I’ve since grown fond of Tom Ellard’s work before and much after this recording, but this recording is where I started and it retains a place of distinction. Recommended without qualifications. – Trevor

Tom Ellard: “I have finally released the 25th Anniversary remaster of Come Visit The Big Bigot on BandCamp. I had been holding off for a release on CD – 25 years was 2011, but I think that release may now not happen. If you’ve been following you know why. It’s free to listen and Strange Brew is free to download.”

Tom Ellard: “The Big Bigot was our first record to be released commercially simultaneously in Australia, North America and Europe. It was a prime period for this ‘industrial dance music’ and Bigot was a respected album that did well from the tour we made with Skinny Puppy in 1986. Quite a few people still define us by this period; although for me 25 years later it’s all faded carpet. Bigot was made on a Fostex 16 track recorder in my bedroom, and while the quality was OK for the time but never quite strong enough for my tastes. Once around the early 2000’s I tried to remaster it, on the theory that the best sounding track was Phantasised Persecutory Breast (mixed when very intoxicated) and so therefore it should all sound like that. That was more democratic than poetical, and in making this 25 year remaster I’ve instead worked very slowly and methodically with much better equipment over two years, letting each track have its own breath. It’s more subtle but definitely brings the sound up to the way it sounded in my head.”

There are videos for Harold and Cindy Hospital and other songs from this recording but they are currently not online from Mr. Ellard or are made by fans / pirates. [Update: here]

Lyrics and commentary by Tom from the Severed Heads Liberation Front:
Come Visit the Big Bigot.

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