The Residents – Santa Dog

Congratulations to THE RESIDENTS for forty years of fine music. It all started in 1972 with Santa Dog

From the Bach Is Dead Discography: “This double 7″ single set with a gatefold sleeve is the first official Ralph Records release. Roughly 500 were made and many have the gatefold sleeves stuck together because they were folded and packaged before the varnish, applied to seal in the hand silk-screened cover art, had sufficiently dried. All copies are signed and intentionally misnumbered.”

From Wikipedia: “Santa Dog was the first official release from The Residents and Ralph Records. It was a double single released in December, 1972. The single was packaged to look like a Christmas card from an insurance agency and was mailed to various recipients, including Frank Zappa and Richard Nixon. The remaining copies were sold through Ralph’s mail order service. Although all four songs were performed by the Residents, they are attributed to different bands.”

Randy of The Residents on vocals, Už Jsme Doma backup, performing Santa Dog on 20 October 2010.

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