The DC3: The DC3 and Me

The DC3 invites you to join them in a little partnership to kickstart the making of their new album. Your support will help the band to record and release their second album, (featuring a hot new drummer), and visit you in your nearest capital city.

‘What’s in it for me??’ you may ask. Well, there’s a shitload of goodies on offer, from the simple guarantee of a pre-ordered copy of the album right up to being IN the studio when the band records, or having them come to your house and cook you a meal, do the gardening, or deliver you a goodies bag including Tabasco sauce and a bottle of Mylanta.

Plus, for whatever the hell it’s worth, you’ll make sure that, amongst the cavalcade of vapid, photoshopped wannabes in modern music, there’ll still be a DC3.

[Note: for $600, the DC3 will record a song about INTONARUMORON, send us an mp3 and put it on their soundcloud page. Don’t delay, order today! – Trevor]

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