Gary Numan – We Take Mystery (To Bed)

From the 1982 LP I, Assassin. Two years earlier Numan’s tour airplane had been forced to land in India due to mechanical failures. Because he wore multiple watches and carried cameras, he was detained as a spy for several days. This is the source of the name of the LP. In a (recommended!) interview in Fortean Times, Numan says the cover art shows him dressed as a ghost he had seen years earlier.

Confiscate letters like D. E. B.
No natural course of things for her to expect
Withdraw the feelings “you can, you can’t”
I called your number as you told the world

Something is wrong

There is no longer any normal to me
You’re my assassin but you can’t see the crime
Pointless possessions of me and you and greed
I looked at you mistaking needles for eyes

Something is wrong

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