Severed Heads – Dance

Severed Heads – Dance

In honor of the 35th anniversary of the TRS-80 computer, some Severed Heads trivia…

Tom Ellard named his first label “Terse Tapes” after the TRS-80.

The track Dance (above, 27 seconds in) from the double LP (what’s that?) Clifford Darling Please Don’t Live in the Past was produced with a TRS-80. The band wrote a program that flashed colors on the monitor, then held a tape recorder near the monitor’s screen. The flashing colors did not produce a sound, but the electric field from the flashing colors formed magnetic patterns on the cassette as it recorded that can now be heard as sounds.

“When I was younger I owned a TRS-80 computer on which I ran a little program called TRS Music. Typing strings of notes such as ABABCBDA into TRS Music resulted in tinny squarking noises being pumped out from the cassette port. I’ve got endless cassettes of this music which gave me a great deal of fun, even if it drove other people out of the room. Now I run Bars and Pipes on my Amiga for a more professional result, although some people still leave the room.” – Tom Ellard, Sydney Morning Herald Sunday October 13, 1991.

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