Tom Ellard – Oblique Firefly Overlocker (Sydney Festival version)

3D animation works hard to present the illusion of life – somehow it always falls short. This is a clip is about the disillusion of life. It celebrates those of us who are not as well made. Badly scripted boy meets poorly debugged girl at the Uncanny Valley Discotheque. Their romance blossoms in the short moments between halts, glitches and resets. Will they ever find enough stability to live out their artificial lives together? One hopes that someday their Creator will go back and do a few more tutorials.

A remake of a video from 2002, from the “Robot Peepshow” DVD, This version was made in 2010 for the Sydney Festival. It was rendered twice: as wireframe and then shaded, and the two edited together. Edits and FX in SONY Vegas.

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