Suck My Beatles

Suck My Beatles:

The Beatles. Great harmonies, great guitar work, inventive songs, arrangements and recording techniques. Anybody who doesn’t give them a well-deserved nod of respect needs to step back and really listen to some of their work. A lot of people, myself included, consider them to be one of the greatest rock bands in history.

Or at least I did.

I’ve opened my eyes, now I want to help open yours.

This is the Problem:

You cannot escape the beatles … Disagree? Walk into a bookstore, this time with your eyes open. There is at least one new book written every week, at Christmas these figures quadruple. Every mundane aspect of their lives has been chronicled in pictures and biography after biography. Do you really need to know what John Lennon ate for breakfast on July 3rd, 1968? Do you care that Paul McCartney once had a boil on his ass? Who said what, when, to whom and why? Is this band so important to the world that over twenty thousand books still can’t say enough? Ask yourself, do they really need to have five shelves in the music section, as well as taking up space under biography, art, photography, pop culture, movies, sociology, pre-school curricula, children’s books, poetry, cooking, graphic novels, calendars, business, law, philosophy, self-help, religion, comicbooks…

The list is endless. […]

Walk to your car and turn on the radio. Even if you don’t put on your favorite cd, or even listen to classic rock radio, you will hear the beatles! Alt. rock covers, country covers, orchestral versions, jazz versions, easy listening instrumentals, reggae, dub, dance, R&B, you name it. If you aren’t exposed to them through station programming you will hear them during the commercials. Turn on the TV, same thing.

-Walk into an office building or a shopping mall. You will hear beatles muzak.

-Walk down the street. You will hear buskers playing them.

-Cars driving by will be blaring them.

-Migrant farm workers forgo the work chants of old and instead sweat to the rhythm of Oh Darlin’.

-When you go into the bar to drown your sorrows if there isn’t a band playing a cover you’re guaranteed to hear them either on the jukebox or the house system.

You’ve heard the beatles everyday since you’ve been born.

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