Meet the Intonarumorons

Walter Alter
Walter Alter worked as a painter, sculptor, poet & experimental electronic noise musician in San Francisco during the 1980’s. His work was featured at numerous gallery, performance spaces, dance clubs and art events. The sculptures were site specific assemblages of salvaged electrical conduit and television sets which played either live broadcast or video tape signals.

Trevor Blake
Trevor Blake lives in Portland, Oregon USA. He is the publisher of OVO.

Klint Finley
Klint Finley records and performs under the moniker Psychetect. He lives in Portland, OR. His favorite artists include Paul Simon and Merzbow.

Waldo Ham
Waldo Ham lives in Pond Inlet, Nunavut. He is a widely respected fishmonger who also finds time for confrontational badminton during the spawning season.

James Henry
James Henry is haunted by music and frequently suffers ear worms of songs like “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

SKot Kirkwood
SKot lives in The Village (Portland, Oregon) and occasionally enjoys old cheese, as long as it’s not moldy old cheese.

Nicholas Pell
Nicholas Pell is a freelance writer based in Southern California by way of Portland and Providence whose musical tastes run the gamut from the Grateful Dead and Gordon Lightfoot to Slayer and Napalm Death.

Jack Winslow
Jack Winslow lives in PDX. He is somewhat musically inclined, but mostly reclined or declined.

3 Responses to Meet the Intonarumorons

  1. Walter Alter says:

    You guys shred. So many fascinating coves and inlets along the alternative music coast. I want to fall in love in every one. In a world of total field lateral connectivity, every human to every other human, anarchic self-propelled play lists into the heart of hipness are as welcome as a signpost oasis in the desert of neglect. Throw the throttle to the firewall, you don’t need brakes in Dali’s landscape.

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