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Gordon Lightfoot Live at the BBC

When I tell people that I like — nay love — Gordon Lightfoot, I always get a strange look. And then, the person invariably admits they can’t name a single song by the man. Well, no less an authority than … Continue reading

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Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

Know Your Meme: “Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend is a 3D animated short film featuring two Billy Herrington wrestlers dressed in underwear chasing after the steamroller-driving Vocaloid character Kagamine Rin.”

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Fukkireta Eagle Dance

Know Your Meme: “Fukkireta (吹っ切れた) is a series of dance videos featuring animated characters with their hands on their hips and shaking side to side with cute background music. “Fukkireta” is the past simple & present perfect simple tense of … Continue reading

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Knelt Rote – Usurpation

A million years ago when I was still in Portland, I happened upon a flier for a show called “Grindzebo.” I hadn’t heard of any of the bands, but it had been a minute before I was involved in the … Continue reading

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Grateful Dead – Hell in a Bucket

I’m a Dead fan, but only if “fan” is short for “fanatic” and “fanatic” means “fucking evangelist.” It took me a while to get, but thank you Greg Ginn for turning me on to them. Everyone fixates on their late-60s … Continue reading

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