Brian Eno – Dead Finks Don’t Talk

Oh cheeky cheeky.
Oh naughty sneaky.
You’re so perceptive –
And I wonder how you knew.

But these finks don’t walk too well.
A bad sense of direction.
And so they stumble ’round in threes.
Such a strange collection.

Oh, you headless chicken –
Can those poor teeth take so much kicking?
You’re always so charming
As you make your way up there.

And these finks don’t dress too well –
No discrimination.
To be a zombie all the time
Requires such dedication.

Oh please sir, will you let it go by,
‘Cos I failed both tests with my legs both tied.
In my place the stuff is all there.
I’ve been ever so sad for a very long time.

My, my, they wanted the works:
Can you this? and that? I never got a letter back.
More fool me, bless my soul.
More fool me, bless my soul.

Oh perfect masters.
They thrive on disasters.
They all look so harmless
’til they find their way up here.

But dead finks don’t talk too well.
They’ve got a shaky sense of diction.
It’s not so much a living hell –
It’s just a dying fiction.

Dead Finks Don’t Talk is the most randomly generated of my songs. I wrote the lyrics at home with my girl-friend with a cassette of the backing track from the studio. I sang whatever came into my mind as the song played through. Frequently they’re just nonsense words or syllables. First I try for the correct phonetic sound rather than the verbal meaning. Off the top I was singing ‘oh-dee-dow-gubba-ring-ge-dow.’ So I recorded these rubbish words and then I turned them back into words. It’s the exact opposite of the technique used in phonetic poetry where words are changed into pure sounds. I take sounds and change them into words. – Brian Eno 1973.

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Clark – Shuttle Track

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Vietnam Gong Ensemble

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Plaid – T.E.T.H.E.R.

T.E.T.H.E.R. is an interactive web application created by Jono Brandel (Google Creative Lab, Patatap) in collaboration with Plaid. The track is accompanied by a series of graphic shapes that gradually evolve as the music progresses; you can manipulate what you hear by clicking and dragging your mouse — or, if watching on your smartphone or tablet, touching and dragging on the screen. The project’s source code and assets is free and available for use under the MIT License courtesy of Warp Records.”

See also: Mogees.

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Nathan Shields – Pancake Fluit

c/o blort.

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